Axon with akka,how can i do it?

Hi guys:
How can I use axonframework with akka? I want to treat aggregate root as akka actor.How can I do it?
Thanks in advanced!
–Vilian Fung

Hi Vilian,

to be honest, I really wouldn’t know. As I see it, Axon is a different approach to achieving the goals that Actor based architectures also try to reach. I have no idea if they combine nicely or even how to best do so.
Perhaps someone else on the list has any idea?


Allard Buijze

Hi Vilian,

with Axon it is quite hard to have an aggregate root implemented as actor. Axon has a different approach.
Still there are combinations possible, we use (Scala) Akka actors with Spray (web Json framework) to execute the HTTP request, including sending commands and firing the events (as in a simple setup, Axon does this stuff in a single transaction).

For us, this combination works quite good. It’s fast and easy to implement.

Kind regards,


Can you elaborate on why it can’t be done and a bit more on your approach? Do you have a public repository?