Axon Server Enterprise Edition 4.6.0

We have released a new version of the Axon Server Enterprise Edition.

New features:

  • Clients can now perform administrative operations in Axon Server through the axonserver-connector-java (requires version 4.6.0 of the connector).
  • Streaming queries (requires Axon Framework version 4.6.0). When returning a collection of results from a query, the results can be streamed instead of collecting
    them in the query handler first.
  • Support for updating properties for an existing context


  • Large message support. Before increasing the max-message-size on Axon Server had the effect that the replication log segments were also increased in size. This
    dependency is no longer there.
  • Number of events per transaction is no longer limited to 32K.
  • Support for using the CLI when the caller is behind a proxy.
  • Show complex event metadata values in query result/REST responses if they are printable
  • livenessstate and readinessstate probes are now included in the /actuator/health endpoint output by default
  • Properties now support more readable values using units
  • Changing event processor states through Axon Server now waits for a result from the client
  • Clients can now also connect to nodes in a replication group that are not primary or messaging-only nodes.
    To force clients to connect to primary or message-only nodes, set the property force-connection-to-primary-or-messaging-node to true
  • Plugins can now use AxonServerInformationProvider to get information on the Axon Server version
  • UI updated
  • show complex metadata values in query results

Dependency updates:

  • updated gRPC and Netty versions
  • updated Spring Boot version
  • moved to OpenAPI for Swagger support

Bug fixes:

  • moved reading indexes from the gRPC thread to prevent blocking these threads
  • not able to use an empty internal domain value if the domain was specified for the client connections (requires property
    axoniq.axonserver.experimental.allow-empty-domain set to true and axoniq.axonserver.internal-domain defined with an empty string)
  • fix a timing issue in LeadershipStatusNotifier that can cause the leader to forget about its own leader status


  • For the swagger endpoint use /swagger-ui.html or /swagger-ui/index.html.
  • The generic endpoint for actuator is /actuator (/actuator/ no longer works)
  • If you are using the LDAP or OATH extension you need to use the 4.6.0 version
    of these extensions as because of the Spring Boot version update

The latest version can be downloaded from the download page.