Axon on micronaut/GraalVM

Hi guys,

Does anybody use Axon together with micronaut and GraalVM native images?

I would be interestested in knowing how well that works…


I'm playing around with quarkus + graalvm native images using axon with microprofile standard.
Works fine. And fast. And small. And reactive. :grinning:
But I only have a simple example, nothing production relevant so far.

I have done some work with [Micronaut + axon 3.4] , not with GraalVM though but, i bet it would still be able to work regardless .

Hi Johnny, did you by any chance share your experiments on GitHub? Any pitfalls or further insights which you could share? Thanks in any case!

I will.
It’ll take some time though, because i’d like to provide some hints to get started.
My goal is also to try get all things as decoupled as possible.
Microprofile standard api’s over quarkus-dependent ones, using axon behind a boundary, …

When its uploaded, i’ll post it here.

This sounds really cool!

Hello Johnny, is there a git repository i could check out to see your implementation, and is it something like the spring auto configuration ?

I’ve just uploaded my showcase to
As mentioned, it contains an axon example for microprofile on quarkus.
It doesn’t contain anything like “spring auto configuration”, but i think, something like this could be done using microprofile-config.

Hi Johnny,

Cool, thanks!

Did you try to build a native image as well?

Best regards

Yes, i built a native image. It works.
There seems to be an problem while interpreting the “@Priority” Annotation on the CdiParameterResolverFactory of axon.
I’ll try to find the bug. It only appears using the native image.

I also just updated to quarkus 0.22 to get rid of the <:> error on windows.