Axon and SpringBoot Version Mapping

Hi all,

I am a newbie on Axon Framework. Is there any version mapping between Axon and SpringBoot version?
I am using Axon 3.4.2 and SpringBoot 2.1.1 RELEASE. The following compilation error is found when I am using Rabbit as AMQP in in my application. I think that the problem is related to versioning in fact.

public SpringAMQPMessageSource userQueueMessageSource(Serializer serializer){
    return new SpringAMQPMessageSource(serializer){
        @RabbitListener(queues = "user")
        public void onMessage(Message message, Channel channel) {
            LOGGER.debug("User message received: {0}", message.toString());
            super.onMessage(message, channel);

Error:(47, 16) java: cannot access org.springframework.amqp.rabbit.core.ChannelAwareMessageListener

  class file for org.springframework.amqp.rabbit.core.ChannelAwareMessageListener not found

I finally find out SpringBoot 2.0.5 RELEASE works.

Hi Polly,

Sorry to not come back to you sooner with a response Polly; I am happy you found a workable solution regardless, but it would’ve been pleasant to have received a quicker response.

As you might have noticed, we do not have any strict mapping to describe which Axon versions work with which Spring Boot versions.
This could be a valuable thing to add to the reference guide, or as a readme to the axon-spring or auto configure modules for example.

Would you mind adding this as an issue to the Reference Guide issue tracker?
That effort would be much appreciated!