Axon AMQP EvantBus Example?


Is there an example app of AXON with an AMQP EventBus? Essentially I am missing an example on how to get Events from one jvm to another using AMQP.There are some docs about this, but there

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jim,

we haven’t updated our sample to use these infrastructure components yet, unfortunately. Things are a bit busy around here.

There is a test case, however, that contains an example configuration of how it should work:

This example contains only one cluster. Each cluster will be assigned a queue to listen to. The queuename is either configured in the AMQP.Config entry, or based on the name of the cluster itself. So make sure each JVM will use different queue names if you don’t want them to compete for messages on a queue.

Hope this helps.



I can provide our worked AMQP EventBus configuration:

And property placeholder config:

Hi Allard,

Here is my very simple Event Bus based on RabbitMQ

and the KryoMessageConverter

I tried to avoid any clustering concepts because for a simple test/experiment they are a bit overkill.

Feel free to add to your examples if you wish.