Axon 4 Future

Congrats on Axon 4 and Axon Server. I’m interested in starting to use Axon 4 but without the default AxonServer and using a MySQL backed event store.

Can I hope/assume that implementations adopting Axon 4 without AxonServer will be a supported go forward approach for some time?


Hi Thydian,

I can assure you that we’ll not drop the open-source support for the framework.
Additionally, note that Axon Server also has an open-source implementation (albeit with some limitations).

Thus, you can use framework with server in an open source fashion as you’d be used to without using server.

Aside that, I am still certain you can go forward with an Axon Framework application without using Axon Server from some time to come.


Steven van Beelen

Axon Framework Lead Developer