Axon 4.1: AxonServerTokenStore?

Is it possible to configure Axon Server to be a TokenStore?

Hi Stepan,

we don’t have support for that, at the moment. It has been requested before, and we’re considering it, but our general recommendation would be to store it elsewhere. The best place for tokens to live is in the same place as where the projections are stored. That would allow updates to be stored atomically with the tracking tokens.

We do acknowledge that not all applications have projections to store and now need to include extra dependencies to allow tokens to be reliably stored. In such case, it would be beneficial to store the tokens in AxonServer.

Is that similar to your use case, or do you have another motivation to store your tokens in AxonServer?

Hi Allard.

Thanks for the answer. Yeah, you’re right. I want to project events to Neo4j graph, so now I have to setup another one connection to some relational database (if I got you right?).

Is there any example for that?

Hi Stepan,

Just such a situation does sound like a valuable one to have the ability to store tokens in Axon Server; thanks for sharing that with us.
In the mean time you’ll indeed have to configure a TokenStore implementation alongside the Neo4J Query Model you’re updating.

To that end, you can use the ‘InMemoryTokenStore’, ‘JdbcTokenStore’, ‘JpaTokenStore’ and ‘MongoTokenStore’.
To configure these, you can have a look at the Reference Guide.

If anything in this area is still unclear, feel free to reach out on this forum.
And concluding, I hope this helps you out Stepan!