Axon 2: Does anyone NOT replay when deploying a new version?

Hello All,

The replay process takes a long time (24 hours) mostly for reasons of bad implementation and it will soon be too difficult to deploy over a weekend. While the issues are resolved I would still like to deploy some new versions of the software (with Query DB changes).

I could use sql scripts to update the query database and data instead of replaying.

Are there any other suggestions?

Does anyone do this regularly?


Hi Daniel,

I have heard of implementations that do a full replay for each release they make. However, with events stores growing, you are inevitably going to run out of time in your deployment window.
I recommend being more selective in your replays. They are a powerful means to rebuild models, but often there are other ways as well. DB Update scripts are more lightweight (in terms of execution time). Use replays as a “last resort” when you want to include data in your read models that you don’t have, or can’t easily access.

Hope this helps.