Axon 2.0.4 released

Hi all,

thanks to the reports and pull requests that I have received, Axon is even better than it was. This weekend, I have released 2.0.4, which contains a few bug fixes and minor improvements.

To find out what has changed exactly, check out the release notes. To get started, visit the download page or simply update your maven versions.



Well done Allard thanks for the continued work!


Can you explain AXON-159 a bit? Upon upgrading from 2.0.3 to to 2.0.4 our Spring wiring (disruptor command bus with repositories) claims to get into a cyclic dependency loop. I’ll do some more looking around next week.


Hi James,

The spring configuration used the “factory-method” feature in Spring to create an instance of a bean. However, there is a bug/feature in Spring 2 that causes beans created this way not to be autowirable anymore. Now, Axon builds a factory bean beandefinition instead (RepositoryFactoryBean). The change was really small (as you can see here and it doesn’t seem to add dependencies that weren’t already there in the old solution. The bean that creates the repository instance is just of another type.

Could you provide more detail of your configuration?



Just for future searchers, this seems to be the problem that was ultimately resolve in 2.0.6 (AXON-186).