Axon 1.0 released!!

Hi all,

with great excitement, I can officially announce that the 1.0 version of Axon Framework has been released! If you have been keeping up with the release candidates, you won’t find a lot of new features. Only minor things have changed. If you come from 0.7, however, there is some exciting new stuff to report. Check out the release notes ( for more info.

Although 1.0 is reason for a (small) party, it is not an excuse to stop development. On the contrary, I am trying to increase the effort spent on the development of new building blocks. In the time to come, we will focus even more on building blocks that enhance scalability. You can think of command routers and AMQP connectors. We will also be investigating serveral NoSQL implementations to find out how they would function as an Event Store.

In the more commercial area, my employer has given me time to develop a 2-day training. This won’t be a regular 2-day training, though. It’s an all-inclusive (overnight stay, food & drinks) full-immersion training really focused 100% on CQRS and Axon. This training will have plenty of room for labs and exercises to provide hands-on experience. Since the overnight stay is included, there is plenty of time in the evening to exchange ideas, ask questions or get some more labs done. We have planned the first 2-day training on June 23 and 24. For more information, visit:

There is enough going on, and there will be more to come… I’ll keep you posted.


Allard Buijze

congratulations to the final release!

Congratulations to everyone involved.

After just lurking around and studying the code I am looking forward
to try the framework in a real project.

Regards, Kai

Fantastic news! Congratulations Allard and thank you for developing this excellent framework.