Auto Create a new Aggregate

Hi List,

Anyone tried / knows a way todo something like ‘Find or Create’

More or less, this is the expected behaviour :
When a command is sent to a specific Aggregate, (so associated with an AggregateIdentifier) and this Aggregate is not known, it should be created. Thereafter the Command is given to the Aggregate.

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Hi Olger,

I’ve seen it once before, where aggregates were representations of state managed by another system. In that case, they did (pseudo code):

aggregate = repository.load
Catch NotFoundException
aggregate = new Aggregate
repository.add aggregate


Be aware that this is a rather unusual scenario. Normally the query model is used to find out whether an aggregate already exists. But sometimes, breaking the rules is just more efficient. :wink:



Thx, we’ve solved it accordingly and made it explicit of being unusual.