asychronous event handler

I would like to use the following annotation
@AsynchronousEventListener(sequencingPolicyClass =
SequentialPolicy.class) . The motivation for this is that I want
multiple event-handlers for the same event to run concurrently. I
understand that it requires a thread-pool-executor. Could you tell me
how I would specify the thread-pool-executor?

It might be mentioned that I am NOT using event-sourcing. Also, for
event bus, I am using an instance of SimpleEventBus. The spring config
is follows:

   <!--<axon:event-bus id="eventBus"/>-->
  <bean id="bus"

The reason for doing is that I could not figure out the class-type
specified by <axon:event-bus id="eventBus"/> and I had to access the
underling class/interface to publish events.



Hi Jamil,

make sure you’ve read the reference guide on this:
If you use axon:annotation-config/, that’s where you should add the “executor” property.

The <axon:event-bus /> element simply creates a SimpleEventBus instance. If you assign it to a variable of type “EventBus”, you should be fine in either case.