Accessing Axon Server Dashboard in Grafana

I would like to access only the Axon Server dashboard for my application running locally. I can see that /actuator/prometheus endpoint exposes metric data in the format that can be scraped by Prometheus server, however including this endpoint in the targets field of the prometheus.yml file is giving an error.
According to my knowledge, the endpoint mentioned in the targets field of the YAML file, prometheus will look at target-endpoint/metrics endpoint to scrape the data.

How should I scrape the data from an Axon based application running locally on containers with the help of Prometheus? I only wanted to access the axon server dashboard by Grafana.

Hi @AmanLonare,

I would like to share with you some material we have around this Observability and Monitoring topic.
First, our own Grafana Dashboard, available for everyone here.
You can notice that the description will give you some hints on how to make it work but more important, it shares a repo that was used on our webinar.
This repo has an extensive README where you can get all the info on how to use and run it. Also, it contains the link to the webinar I mentioned above.

Hope that is more than enough info to help you have your grafana Dashboard up and running!

To add a bit more, we also have an Axon Framework Dashboard also public available.